Lightest complete expedition camper trailer

  • 40 Gallon water capacity

    Dual water tanks for extended overland expedition and optimal weight distribution

  • Trail Friendly Compact Size

    Fit into tight trail, turn-in better with mountain switchbacks

  • Roll Resistant

    Dense packaging low center of gravity

  • Off-road Suspension

    Full independent suspension for smooth ride over rough terrain

  • 75 L Freezer/Refrigerator

    Dual compartments, Dual temperature settings, maximum capacity

  • Fit into Garage

    Compact footprint, low height, easy fit inside standard garage for secure storage in the off-season


Overlanding Simplified

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  • Bear Resistant

    Peace of mind with aluminum fiberglass composite panel structure

  • Weather Protection

    Rigid hardsided protection

  • No Setup

    No camp setup, no need to make bed, ready for nap time any time of the day

  • Air conditioned

    stay cool with optional 5000 BTU air conditioner during hot summer nights

  • Noise Suppression

    Insulated hard panels reduce exterior noises

  • unrestricted head space

    sit up straight without hunch over