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Alpacamper Camper and Trailer

Alpacamper T1

Alpacamper T1

Compact slide-in truck camper, everything you need for a comfortable overland adventure, none of the hassles of an oversized over-built rig!

Standard Equipments

Advanced Aluminum/Fiberglass sandwiched insulated composite panel construciton

150 watts solar panel

4 x heavy-duty manual adjustable jacks


2048wh fast-charging smart LiFePO4 portable solar generator

exterior LED lighting

portable cassette toilet

Shipping & Pickup

Pick up from Union City, California


105x70x82 inches

948 Lbs dry weight

32 inches Center of Gravity to Front

20Lbs propane capacity


12 months warranty

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Why Choose Alpacamper?

We've done the homework comparing different types of camper to ours so that you don't have to. Check out which type of camper fit you the best

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